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Barley is a cultivated crop that has been cultivated for nearly ten thousand years as a medicinal product, a main ingredient, a unit of measure, and even a currency … In particular, it is known that a very ancient crop was harvested in Central Asia. The archaeological excavations in 1954 show that the barley grain found on the territory of Turkmenistan was planted 500 years before the Neolithic era. Currently, barley is sown in many countries around the world in Europe, Asia, America, Australia. Its cultivation area is around $ 67 million. a hectare. In Uzbekistan, barley and irrigated lands are sown, and the soil yields 10-15 t / ha of irrigated land and 30-40 ts / ha of irrigated land. However, it should be recognized that currently the barley is fed mainly to livestock and feed. Why? Why is this valuable product out of our reach? The barley grain is rarely exported at present. However, 500 years ago, barley bread from Europe was the main food, and wheat bread was not so popular. For a comparison of the table for the nutritional properties of these two grains, let’s consider: 100 grams of wheat and barley flour, in%, daily vitamin Daily norm of macro and microelements of wheat and barley flour (%)


It reduces body weight.
It prevents the disease of asthma, that is, acne.
It stimulates and cleanses the gastrointestinal tract.
Heals and prevents gallbladder diseases.
Reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and stimulates the cardiovascular system.
Controls blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes.
Stimulates the complexion of the human skin.
It protects the appearance of dangerous tumors.
One of the main tools for the treatment of diseases of the joints.
Barley Melting Pot 284 kcal In ancient Russia, breastmilk was fed to children when the mother’s milk was insufficient or when breast-feeding children were infected. As a result, there was no need for pediatricians or dysbacteriosis. In the past, we were smart about us! Barley herbs actively participate in blood formation, strengthens bones, prevents cardiovascular disease, enhances immunity, and also treats skin, hair, nails. It also provides a full-fledged life without stress and depression, insomnia, and abnormal fatigue. The mineral complex of barley has such qualities. If you are allergic to gastrointestinal disorders, it can help you get rid of barley malnutrition. Barley flour is a non-stomach and strengthens the bowel. Children who regularly eat barley foods and dishes are rarely infused, easily overcome illness, and heal most quickly. Reader’s Digest magazine recently published a article in which it says that barley is a product of the five products required for human consumption. In contrast to wheat, which is a relatively squeezing crop, requiring special irrigation systems and soil composition, barley can grow even in droughts, in tropical soils. In the past, the black “poor” bread was covered with barley flour, as the people in that group were unable to consume bread made from white because it was more than a hundred times the price of wheat, so they sowed barley and grain. WHAT IS THE RESEARCH ON THE BACKGROUND? Howard Lutts, a researcher at the Washington Prediction Medicine Institute, says that he is truly impressed by the usefulness of the barley and describes it as “incredible” decades of productive growth, “. Biogenetic Yoshixide Hagivara has been researching over 150 species of barley for over fifteen years after she was disappointed with modern medicines that have so much negative effects. A scientist serving at the Food and Beverage Analytical Center at the Japanese Science and Technology Department found that barley contained lots of organic sodium, calcium in the blood, and prevent joints in joints. The barley contains its highly biologically active ingredients – vitamins, macro- and micronutrients, and nutrients that are vital to human well-being and health. First, 65 percent of barley grain is carbohydrate. That’s why the barley berth in the morning gives us strength all day long. Secondly, barley contains more than 10 percent protein, which prevails over wheat protein at its nutritional value. The plant protein is consumed almost 100 percent by our body protein than animal protein. Thirdly, barley grain is 5-6% of the cells needed by our gastrointestinal tract. The cell destroys digestive tract and removes all harmful ingredients from the body. Fourth, barley provides us with a metabolic rate of metabolism in the body, as well as a set of minerals that our brain needs to work normally. In addition, barley is a natural source of calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese and iron. For this reason, barley for humans is more essential and useful than any medicines. Fifth, barley is almost a complete set of vitamins. Barley contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D, E, PP, vitamin B, and vitamin B. Do not be surprised that barley is the most natural ingredient in vitamins and minerals.